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We are proud to intoduce ourselves as the pioneers in bringing to Karnataka the e_Cart and e_Passenger vehicles.

These are Zero polluting, Eco friendly Battery driven electric vehicles built as per the Green norms

Keeping in view the environmental requirementof the future. These are ergonomically designed and very user friendly to drive.

Our vision is to see that these can be used in every city, town village in Karnataka. Make Karnataka a pollution free state.

An extensive study was carried out on the requirements and travel needs of the people in various cities and towns.

We have brought out two variants based on our study.

e-Cart a goods carrier : Primarily designed to carry goods, storage apace of 4ft * 3ft 1.5ft.

Carry a max weight of 350kgs as per RTO norms.

On a single charge the vehicle can run repeated trips totally 100kms. Low cost of operations at Rs 0.20/km makes it highly economical.

This vehicle is specifically designed for speedy delivery of groceries, provisions, vegetables, milk

News papers and other house hold requirements.

In the industrial sector it can be used to deliver raw materials inside and outside factories. Deliver finished and packaged goods to other transport agencies across the cities and towns.

e-Passenger : It is designed for easy mobility of children, the elderly and disabled . Comfortably seats 04 passengers. The vehicles are designed to have a low centre of gravity and offers excellent road stability. This enables easy driving on city and village roads.

Comparison between the e-passenger/e-cart vs Auto rickshaws

e-passenger/e-cart Zero pollution Auto-rickshaws
Eco friendly and designed with green norms Burns fossil fuel, creates high pollution
Very silent operation High noise pollution
Easily drivable by women and men Usually driven by men
Safe, low speed max 30km/Hr Unsafe due to high speed, accident prone
Can operate short trips totaling to 100km/charge Fuel refilled as per distance covered
Comfortable seating of 4 passengers 3 passengers/td>
Cost per passenger Rs 5/km Rs 10/km
Economical to operate for short distances Denial to operate for short distances
Open frame design offers safety for ladies 360deg vision Enclosed designs have led to several untoward incidences.
Cost of running Rs 0.20 per km Rs 2.60 per km at current fuel prices
Charging cost Rs 20( for 100kms drivability) 12-14times ! 100kms-4 ltr fuel (260-280Rs)
Spacious seating with large leg space Cramped seating and poor leg space
Very comfortable for the aged and disabled Highly uncomfortable designs
Easy licensing procedure for driving e_passenger/ e-cart Restricted licensing norms
No-permit requirements Permit requirements as per state
Non Taxable Several taxes have to be paid
Performance Excellent
Low cost of maintenance High cost of maintenance

The first company in karnataka with a lady entrepreneur to has started the E-Rickshaw business in the state of karnataka.

The company exist since 2002 manufacturing corrugated boxes to a large number of customers. The company mainly focuses on

the environment around us. This is where the thought of bringing in E-Rickshaws to the kannadiga's of the state.

The first company that is legally approved.

Why us

1. 90% indigenous product

2. Best quality products compared to Chinese counterparts

3. 100% availability of genuine and quality spare parts for all E-Rickshaw models

4. Post Sales Support for service through out the country

5. Specialized training sessions and modules for assembly and service of E-Rickshaws

6. Dedicated Vehicle Designing Team for customized E-Rickshaws, new designs and new models

7. Dedicated R&D Department for constant improvement and upgrading of E-Rickshaws

8. Rigorous Quality Inspection team at dispatch site

9. 3 state-of-art manufacturing facilities in Delhi-NCR.

10. We value customer feedback and incorporate the same in our existing and new models. 


Our Values

By using the best of resources at hand, we will change lives of the people who are directly or indirectly connected to us, our products and our businesses.

Our responsible business practices involve people from all spheres of life. Our commitment to green and sustainable business is bringing eco friendly technologies and awareness into the mainstream through our manufacturing processes.

Professional Culture

We always engage the best people for a job and give them the space, freedom and the opportunity to excel.  We encourage out of the box thinking and entrepreneurial skills with accountability at different levels.

Customer is KING

Our core reason for existence is the CUSTOMER. We are what we are only because of them.  We will respond to the changing customer preferences and tastes to serve them better and faster.


Quality is the key to delivering value for money to our customers.  We will dedicatedly drive our processes to achieve and deliver the best make, the very first time.


We will respect and value all the people who join us. We will take utmost care of their dignity, valuable time and dedicated efforts to nurture a culture of faith and transparency.


Go Green

These innovative rickshaws— also called E-Rickshaws— are the environmentally-friendly tri-wheeler solution for meandering roads. Their sleek bodies and pollution-free trails will be a welcome change to roads teeming with noisy, smoke-emitting auto-rickshaws.

It's important to consider this study in the context of climate-projection goals that we are striving for: an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emission from 1990 levels by 2050. About 60 percent of carbon pollution from the transportation sector comes from passenger vehicles. If we electrify all of them with renewably generated, zero-carbon electricity by 2050, we will address a huge part of the climate challenge for transportation.

Study shows that there's a low-carbon pathway with transportation electrification. Advancing policies that continue to clean up the grid and accelerate adoption of electric vehicles will put us on the road to a clean energy future, and one that meets our climate goals.

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